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Onis Viewer

Advanced DICOM workstation and PACS client

Onis is an expandable DICOM/PACS workstation for Windows. The free version forms the basis for commercial versions, which allow further plugins and a larger database.

The viewer builds a local database of imported images for speed and ease of organization. The image display is highly customizable and the program can display MIP and multiplanar reconstructions in addition to lightbox mode. For analysis, regions of interest (ROIs) can be defined and stored, and values within them measured and analyzed. Images may be viewed directly from a remote PACS server without first being imported into the database. A modular plugin architecture makes expansion possible. The program is multi threaded for efficient use of multicore processors.

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2.5 (November 2013)
2.3 (January 2011)
2.4 (January 2011)
2.3 (January 2011)
2.2 (September 2010)
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