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Summary Advanced Mac DICOM viewer and PACS workstation.   Resource
Description OsiriX is a DICOM viewer application for MacOS X computers (universal Power/Intel). It is compatible with DICOM files and PACS networks. OsiriX is able to receive DICOM images (STORE SCP - Service Class Provider) from your PACS network. OsiriX has been specifically designed for image fusion, cardiac CT, multi-series MRI exams and 3D reconstructions. It supports a 5D viewers for PET-CT series and Cardiac-CT exams.
Revision 7.5 (Released: 07/01/16) Author Antoine Rosset CH
Platform Macintosh  Macintosh n Interface GUI  GUI n
Function Display, Register Speciality PACSSurf/Vol
Input Format Analyze, DICOM, JPEG, PNG, TIFF Output Format
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